Shane Holloway

Objective: to deliver products that provide value and joy to users as leader of a dynamic, sharp, engaged, and focused team.

Entrepreneurially minded, diversely talented, and driven software engineering professional. Backed by 25 years of experience in software product engineering, leadership, management, architecture, design, development, deployment, and operations. Expert know-how and continuing interest in asynchronous and distributed computing, network communications, library factoring, and abstraction for component reuse. Highly proficient building systems as a principal engineer, as well as leading and managing technical development teams. Focused on investing in the individuals on and near my teams to grow them both technically and professionally. The ideal position would start with a challenging problem that will improve the world, combined with a smart, energetic team that has the freedom to make it happen.

Technical Interests
  • Architecture and implementation of software systems
  • Distributed systems, actors, concurrency, and message passing
  • Object, functional, and component oriented software
  • Dynamic languages and meta-programming
  • Visualization and graphics
  • Continuous Integration, Testing, and Deployment
Management Interests
  • Mentorship of software engineers and technical managers
  • Technical management, coaching, and mentorship
  • Design Thinking & Service Design approaches to product development
  • Business roadmap, vision, and planning
  • Entrepreneurship, measurement, and marketing

Open Source ()

In 2002, I began publishing open source with the RuneBlade Foundation (Python 2, BSD License) and subsequently the TG Framework (Python 2, BSD License) in 2004. I enjoy the craft of designing and building software libraries; doing so for open source is a fulfilling expression. When others reuse or simply learn from what I've made, I feel like I've helped someone be just a bit happier. Regrettably, marketing my open source creations has not caught my interest, leaving my projects obscure.

From 2002 to 2011, my open source was focused around Python 2, wxWidgets GUI toolkit, desktop operating system capabilities, networking, and OpenGL with NumPy. From 2011 to 2016, my focused shifted to web browsers as the GUI, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, and NodeJS. From 2016 to present, my focus has broadened: my JSY dialect, message passing architecture, and modern JavaScript module libraries for algorithms and data handling. I have open source in Python, JavaScript, JSY, C, C++, shell scripts, and Dockerfiles, variously under BSD, MIT, or ISC licenses.

Experience ()

Digital Service Expert
United States Digital Service (

Remote ()

I had the privilege of serving the American people on a 6 month tour. As an engineer on a multi-disciplined team of designers, engineers, product, and procurement experts, we dove deep into the Unemployment Insurance service experiences across our 50 States and 3 territories. Our discovery sprint focused on uncovering and advising where application of modern design and technology could result in better service delivery to the American people while at the same time addressing identity theft related to Unemployment Insurance fraud. The sprint culminated in a report and briefing to the National Economic Council and Gene Sperling as part of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Chief Development Officer, Principal Engineer, Principal Architect
ScribeRule (Encipher)

Colorado Springs, Colorado ()

In the Chief Development Officer role, I worked with the CTO and CEO to establish product vision, development direction, technical platform, and high-level requirements. Using a kanban-based agile development process, our 10-person technical startup team defined and built:

  • microservice-based distributed system using Docker Swarm
  • web-based collaboration interface for use on mobile and desktop.
  • a Microsoft Word add-in using .NET
  • CI/CD workflows using Earthly, Gitlab-CI, AWS S3, and Docker Swarm

In the Principal Engineer and Architect roles, I led, designed, and developed a proprietary cryptography API platform targeting deployment in both cloud-based hosting as well as on-prem air-gaped customer data centers. I developed and implemented ~90% of the company's core patent-pending intellectual property and defined the cryptographic data security architecture. Embracing web-based ecosystems, the front-end leveraged standards-based web components, web sockets for bidirectional live updates, OpenAPI specified public REST APIs, and JAMStack delivery of APIs alongside static web content. The back-end containerized services deployed to Docker Swarm, Nomad, or Kubernetes depending on customer requirements. To deliver baseline functionality, we leveraged excellent third party container images: CouchDB, PostgreSQL, Caddy, eJabberD XMPP, Mosquitto MQTT, DexIDP, and OpenLDAP.

Software Dev. Manager (SDM)
Amazon Web Services (AWS,

Seattle, Washington ()

As SDM, I led two teams of software engineers (SDEs), owning 8 internal developer productivity tools, including multiple code browser, code review, code search, and code sharing products. All products operated at 99.9+% availability, with deep operational scrutiny for each outage. Targeting enterprise customers, we prioritized security, operational monitoring, workflow integrity, integration with other Builder Tools and company systems, and customer experience. Products include website and command line user interfaces, multiple supporting services, and AWS databases.

  • 8 internal products
  • AWS CodeCommit features
  • 7K-25K internal customers
  • $12K/month server spend
  • 99.9+% availability
  • 36 business SMART goals

As SDE for the initial 5 months, my team delivered a popular company-wide project bootstrapping tool, helping customers focus on building their ideas by setting up all the infrastructure systems on their behalf. Over 20K projects and 100K shared libraries have been created with this tool.

CEO, Entrepreneur, Co-founder
TechGame Networks, LLC.

Colorado Springs, Colorado ()

In 2009, I returned to TechGame to create and sell niche software products, supplementing my income with software consulting. I invested significant time into learning the multifacted roles of entrepreneurship, small business administration, online marketing, and consulting. New skills included applied analytics, metrics, A/B testing, email marketing, retargeting, advertising, IT operations, payment processing, email notification, development and administrative outsourcing.

In 2012, I created Bellite as a software toolkit to help developers and web designers deliver hybrid desktop applications on both Windows and Mac OS X using tools they are already familiar with. (Modern examples include Electron and NW.js.) In June 2013, Google announced end-of-life of Google Chrome Frame, a core component of Bellite's architecture.

Consulting continued with AbleLink Technolgies. As a subcontractor for Johnson Controls in 2012, I deployed two embedded solid-state Linux devices enabling a trusted fire alarm hardware monitor to integrate with a modern monitoring system by transforming the RS-232 protocol to TCP/IP.

Lead Software Engineer, Co-founder
TechGame Networks, LLC.

Colorado Springs, Colorado ()

TechGame was launched with two co-founders to develop software products supported by software consulting cashflow. With Redstone, I continued performing custom engineering and integration services for the City of Los Angeles security center and the Ontario International Airport in California. With Agilent Technologies, I assisted development of a new OpenGL components and resolved a C++ threading integration issue. With AbleLink Technologies, I helped advance their SBIR research grants, helping people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities through software.

Lead Software Engineer
Redstone (ICCE Technologies)

Colorado Springs, Colorado ()

Co-architected, designed, and lead the development of a flexible security monitoring system for geographically distributed field hardware devices. The system interface enabled shift operators in security centers to monitor, view, and control physical security devices installed across their physical property: alarms, motion sensors, fixed cameras, pan-tilt-zoom devices, door locks, and KVM connected computers. We delivered and integrated the system into the network operation center of Hughes Network Systems, the police operations center of the Ontario International Airport in California, and the security center of the City of Los Angeles. Operators were able to control up to 30 cameras simultaneously from a single interface, use topological assisted navigation among several hundred cameras, monitor integrated sensor network of several thousand alarm points, and point-and-click control of actuators like door locks and PTZ cameras.

Software Engineer
Decision Science Applications (SM&A, Emergent)

Colorado Springs, Colorado ()

Contributing developer on more than 12 successful HP/Agilent Technologies products, including design and implementation of two interactive scientific graphing components, interaction-based calculation algorithms, and infrastructure design and construction. During my capstone project at Emergent, I served as both a software architect and a key developer for Agilent MUI, including system design, framework and infrastructure, data management, algorithmic development, and graphical interfaces.

Education and Achievements

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
University of Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Minor in Mathematics, Minor in Economics
  • First in Class (GPA: 3.982; GRE: 790/800/640)
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student, College of Engineering and Applied Science.
  • Meritorious Award, 1999 & 2000, Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Eagle Scout
Troop 287, Boy Scouts of America

Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Order of the Arrow

Volunteering ()

Boy Scouts of America

  • Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 404, ()
  • Supernova Counselor, Pikes Peak Council, ()
  • Committee Chair, Pack 229, ()
  • Den Leader, Pack 229, ()
  • Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 287, ()

Soifer Math Olympiad

  • Problem Committee, ()
  • Senior Judge, ()
Additional roles
  • Committee Member, Dangerous Man Conference,